• Tue. May 28th, 2024

South East Hampshire Raynet

National emergency contact number for Raynet-UK: 03030 401080

Help us

Here is some information about joining South East Hampshire Raynet

Membership is open to anyone who supports the aims of the Organisation.

Since the Group is based around Amateur Radio the majority of members hold an Amateur Radio Licence. However, this is by no means essential, and we welcome members without, who are willing to assist the Group in ways other than actually transmitting on the air, or prospective Amateurs who are in the process of obtaining a licence.

If you are interested, then as a first step, send us an email via the Contact page. We will get someone to contact you who can discuss with you how the Group works in detail.

After that all you need to do is fill in a form and provide a passport sized photo and unfortunately pay our Group Subs.

If you are not in the South East Hampshire Group’s area, then you can contact one of the surrounding Groups via our Group Websites button, or National RAYNET via that button.

New member to the Group are normally provided with a Mentor, who is an experienced member who can answer queries and questions. The Group also runs a training programme to ensure that standards are kept as high as we are able.

South East Hampshire Raynet is affiliated to the National Organisation, the Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network, and part of your Group subs go to pay the subs of the National Organisation. We are also affiliated to the Radio Society of Gt. Britain.

We operate on a two year cycle, so subs are only due every other year, or the remaining part pro-rata if you join during the 2 year period.
Our current rate (including RAEN subs) is £35 for 2 years.