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Although Raynet is not bound by the Health and Safety at Work Act individual members of RAYNET have duty of care towards each other and members of the public.

SE Hampshire Raynet encourages good working practices, and has produced documents and procedures for the guidance of all members as well as a training programme.

SEHR has also undertaken Risk Assessments covering its activities. We will also undertake Risk Assessments for any new activities or events.

Group H&S Documents, Manuals, Risk Assessments etc. are accessible to SEHR Group Members in this Website’s Members’ Area

Our health and safety policy follows;

RAYNET is a voluntary organisation based around Radio Amateurs whose aim is to assist with communications in times of major civil emergencies, disasters and emergency exercises, and the provision of communications at local marathons, fun runs, carnivals and similar events when message passing and engineering skills can be tried and tested.


Whilst being a wholly voluntary group with no paid employees, the Committee of SEHR recognises the importance of Health and Safety and is committed to a policy of accident health risk prevention and the promotion of a healthy life style.

In furtherance of the policy, the Committee will do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure the safety, health and welfare of its members and all those that may be affected by the Groups work activities and products.

The Group will endeavour to satisfy the provisions of all the Health and Safety legislation, Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice.

The Group expects each Member to co-operate in the carrying out of policies, procedures and practices set down by the Group to ensure that the aims of this policy can be achieved.

The Group will refer, when and if necessary, to a qualified Health and Safety professional to advise on health and safety measures, provide information on legal requirements and safe working practices.

Arrangements have been made for the appointment of Site Safety Representative(s) to play an active part with regard to activities and environment affecting the health, safety and welfare of Members at each event.

It is the duty of all Committee Members and Site Safety Representatives to do all that is reasonably practicable to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and to prevent personal injury or damage to property in the process of carrying out the Groups activities.

The Committee and Event Organiser(s) are responsible for ensuring that those coming into contact with hazards understand the risk involved and what to do to mitigate them.

Safety reviews and inspections of the workplace will be carried out at regular intervals. The frequency of these activities will be dependent on the level of risks involved. Risk Assessments will be carried out in accordance with the current legislation.

Each member of the Group has a duty to co-operate with the Committee in:

·        Working safely and responsibly towards themselves and others.
·        Using Personal Protective Equipment provided for their safety.
·        Reporting all accidents/incidents that have, or could have, caused injury or damage
·        Assisting in the investigation of accidents and their causes.
·        Working to Group Procedures.
·        Identifying potential hazards to the Committee or Site Safety Representative.
·        Improving the Groups practices and Health and Safety Procedures and notifying where improvements can be made and where potential hazardous areas exist.

The Group recognises the importance of providing appropriate instruction, training, supervision and information to enable all Members to be aware of the safety and health implications arising from their activities for the Group.

The Committee shall ensure that the content/implementation of this policy is reviewed periodically to determine whether any revisions are required and whether the measures taken are effective