Past Events

Recently we have been involved in a number of operations. Below is a little write up from some of these events.

M27 Closure - 27th Sept 2018 - 30th Sept 2018

We were called to assist Highways England and Southampton Council with monitoring traffic flows around a number of diversionary routes while a bridge over the M27 was demolished to make way for it's replacement. To achieve this we deployed an APRS digipeater as well as a talkthrough unit on Deans Hill (51.030645, -1.645554). This site was operational from 0700 each day, closing down at 1830 on Saturday and 1400 on Sunday.

Trailer deployed onsite
Trailer deployed onsite

We also had a number of static counting stations which would feedback their observations on number of vehicles passing through their route within 60 seconds, along with general flow status, every 30 minutes.

The entire event went very well, but not without it's technical issues (which we managed to overcome). We had a power supply failure in the trailer as well as a couple of vehicle challenges.


Sunrise view
View from the trailer at sunrise

All in all it was a very successful weekend joint operation, with lessons learned by all involved.


We have been provided some images, courtesy of Osborne and Highways England, that show the massive impact that their work over the weekend had;

Photo of bridge during demolition
Bridge during demolition


Photo of gap where the bridge was just a few hours before
Area where the bridge was

All in all, I think we can call that a great success?

Looking forward to the next instalment which will be replacing the bridge...